Dec 192014


The following tribute was read aloud by John Donnelly during the Purple Heart Trail Dedication Ceremoney on December 15, 2014 at MM 106:

We thank each of you for making time to attend this ceremony. We are honored by your presence…

Sheriff Rick Ramsay and Capt. Don Fannelli have done a spectacular job in providing us with security, on such short notice. We are appreciative for all of the deputies assigned to this detail.

Our State Representative Holly Raschien and her superb team of Kate DeLoach and Erin Muir have done extraordinary work for their constituents. It took 10 years of battling the State of Florida, before they decided to create a Purple Heart License plate. A tag that funded domiciliary and nursing home care for veterans. Veterans helping veterans at no cost to the taxpayer. It should not have been so difficult.

GE DIGITAL CAMERABecause of the Integrity and credibility of Representative Raschein, her bill was signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott in 6 months. Gov. Scott has repeatedly stood for veterans and their families on a number of issues.

A Purple Heart Medal is earned by an American Serviceman and woman when they are wounded or killed in combat. This blood and body sacrifice frequently results in the loss of life.

No second or third party battlefield interpretations, by any commanding officer, right on up to the president of the united states, can make a decision to award an individual a Purple Heart.

A member of the armed forces must be wounded or killed in action, to merit this award.

The ‘Purple Heart Trail Sign’ is displayed to recognize those Americans who cannot display their Purple Heart Medal. The shirt I wear is for those veterans who are so disfigured and disabled, they cannot adorn a garment. It’s displayed for the unknown soldiers entombed in Arlington National Cemetery, known only unto God.

All members of the armed forces place their lives on the line. Without the aid of our Brothers and Sisters on the battlefield many of us would have perished before receiving medical attention.

God Bless America’s Purple Heart recipients; their families, the citizens that they serve and the United States of America. God bless our audience and Representative Holly Raschein for paying tribute to those who have been wounded and killed to preserve the United States of America. Thank you…


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