Dec 192014

mc-school-logoThe Monroe County School District is pleased to announce the release of the 2013-2014 preliminary high school grades as reported by the Florida Department of Education.

In 2013-2014, three out of four Monroe County high schools received a “B” rating and one high school received a “C.” Coral Shores High School, Key West High School, and Marathon Middle-High School each achieved a “B” distinction, while Key West Collegiate High School was rated a “C”.

Marathon Middle-High’s grade of “B” represents a one letter grade improvement from 2012- 2013 while Coral Shores and Key West High remained a “B” in the state’s school grading system. Coral Shores High School attained a point total that would have qualified them for an “A” rating, but were reduced one letter grade based on one of the designated subgroup measures, at-risk student graduation rate.

The system for grading Florida’s high schools was altered for 2013-2014 resulting in 14% fewer high schools achieving “A” status. “As more schools earn grades of A and B, the grading scale is adjusted upward to encourage continued improvement”, stated a release from the Commissioner of Education’s office.

“In light of the higher grading scale I am proud of our Monroe County High Schools for their performance in 2013-2014. In particular, the efforts of Marathon Middle-High School, to move from a “C” to a “B” under such circumstances is commendable” states Superintendent Mark Porter, “These results are not a surprise to us as we track very closely the academic performance and progress of our students. As always, we will continue to use these results to inform and guide our improvement efforts.”

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