A Note From Phil Goodman, Incumbent Candidate for District 2 Commissioner Florida Keys Mosquito Control



I am Phil Goodman, the current District 2 Commissioner on The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District Board.  I am running on my record as a fiscal conservative and placing the needs of the taxpayers of Monroe County as a top priority.  I am a 15 year resident of Cudjoe Key and live there with my wife of 43 years, Debby, and our daughter Carey.  I am a graduate chemist from North Carolina State University with an MBA degree from the University of North Carolina.  I am a Registered Parliamentarian with the National Association of Parliamentarians, a member of the Sanctuary Advisory Council, the USCG Auxiliary, the Advisory Board of Mote Marine Laboratory, and the Key West Military Affairs Committee.  During my three years on the Mosquito Control Board I have been pro-active in informing Monroe County citizens about the role of mosquito control in the Keys by giving presentations to various organizations throughout our County. 

I spent my entire forty-plus year career in the global chemical industry where I held various technical and executive positions, retiring in 2009 as corporate president of a large chemical company I helped establish.  During my business career, I made and lived within many budgets and learned to do more with less.  I spent my company’s money to return value to the shareholders and I vote to spend your tax money with the same thought and care.  My company was a global leader in innovative application technology in the specialty chemical industry.  Mosquito Control (MC) is a highly technical and highly regulated multi-science entity and is one of the largest applicators of specialty chemicals in Monroe County.  My career paralleled much of what MC does, and needs to do, so there was not a steep learning curve for me.  As a chemist, I also understand in depth, the many faceted environmental regulations and the impact the products of MC have on our fragile eco-system.

During my term on this board, I have used my background and experience to make decisions to guide MC forward.  Today we are controlling mosquitoes in a more environmentally friendly and more cost effective manner than three years ago. My background has been instrumental in making a difference.   The corruption and much of the excesses of the past are behind us.  We have come a long way in the past three years but there are many old and new challenges ahead.  I have the experience, knowledge and vision that are a good complement to the Board and I am prepared for these challenges.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 305.600.8441.

I am Phil Goodman and I ask for your vote for District 2 Commissioner, Florida Keys Mosquito Control District Board, in the General Election.


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